Vegan Chef Yuki Lisbon

Saúde Actual

Thanks for collaboration with Saúde Actual  for publishing my recipe :
“Tagliatelle de castanha e tofu com sabor indiano”in the last edition N° 78 / Marco/Abril 2018.
We invented and photographed this delicious organic dish with Amelie Solange Martin / Magicnature
directly “From Farm to table – Da terra a mèsa” in the soyfields of south-ouest France 🙂

Credits :
100 % plant-based Fusion – Cuisine, Project Farm-to-table.
A creation of Allyouneedisveg & Magicnature
Styling & Flowers: Amelie Solange Martin / Magicnature
Food & Photography: Yukijung / Allyouneedisveg