God save the bacalhau

One of my long-term projects here in Lisbon is called “God Save the Bacalhau”
with the aim to veganise and thus modernize traditional Portuguese & Mediterranean Cuisine – especially seafood.

“God save the Bacalhau” will bring more happiness and diversity into food and make discover Portuguese and Foreigners, that traditional mediterranean Cuisines and Flavors of the sea are also possible in a delicious plant-based version.

Examples of dishes I already developed:

Caviar, Croquetes, Rissois, Pasteis de Vegalhau, Peixinhos da Horta, Filetes do Mar,
Ceviche do Mar, Vegan “Choco” frito, Smoked Lox, Vegalhau à brás, Sea-weed Caldeirada, …
Pastel de Nata, Queijadas, Bolo de laranja, Bolo Reinha,..