Some links of wonderful chefs, places and projects I had the chance to be involved with.
Many of them teached me so much and are part of my inspiration on my path as a vegan well-being Chef & Nutritionist. 


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Work, Formation:

Since 2019 AllyouneedisVeg FoodLab has it´s location in the heart of Lisbon:

Centro de inovação da Mouraria / Mouraria Creative Hub

About me

Little story about what happened until now…

Born in Bavaria and Kid from the Alpes – my connection to nature has always been profound and source of life energy –until now.

I have been a creative all my life, so after fashion & arts design studies I worked in France for more than 10 years as a scenographer & video mapping artist for cultural events & tourism.

In 2010 I moved to Berlin — being in Europe’s vegan capital, with all its alternative life models, inspired me to launch a food blog:

At one point I realized I could no longer feel happiness by ignoring the facts of the food industries – especially animal cruelty.

2015, just a little hands-on trial in Lisbon at one of the most visited vegan restaurants at that time: “The Food-Temple” transformed my life…a beautiful journey into the fantastic world of plant-based food started!

Since than I never stopped cooking and became finally a plant-based Chef, certified Nutritionist, Consultant and Founder of Lisbon Veg Food Lab.

Being in a retreat place like as an example Vale de Moses, immersed in nature, reminds me of my childhood climbing trees and listening to the birdsong above the sounds of the running stream.
Vale de Moses gives me the unique opportunity to go deeper into my passion – the essence of Yoga Food.

This magic place has all the ingredients I need to be a happy, performing cook:
a welcoming and warm-hearted environment, a wonderful team, and international guests who are on a variety of journeys towards plant-based food.
I love the creative freedom to design menus and see the immediate energetic impact and delight my food has on our guests and team.

Buddhist Chef Jeong Kwan, who I admire deeply, brings it to the point: “With food we can share and communicate our emotions. It´s that mind-set of sharing that is really what you re eating.”

Yes it is so true and I experienced it so many times at Vale de Moses: Food is such a powerful tool!

The ethical & energetically quality and the positive effects of pure, plant-based, wholesome food, high in flavour, colours and prana – carefully prepared with love, sincerity and joy are directly connected to our inner and outer health and well-being: Our Body, Mind & Soul!

That´s why I believe that “cruelty-free” quality food can make a real change towards a better and more peaceful society.

To describe my cooking style: I am inspired by the techniques and flavours of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic and Korean Temple Food.

You can find reviews and recommendations here.
For any personalized request please feel free to contact me anytime.
Have a nice day!
Chef Yuki