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About me

Hello, yes, that’s me, Chef, Nutritionist & Culinary Instructor Yuki C. Jung.

Looks like I’m having great fun. 
Yes, indeed, I really enjoy working as a holistic, plant-based Chef.

I have learnt that in a world where the need for a sustainable lifestyle is crucial, every small change we make in our daily lives can have a big impact.
My goal is to inspire you to understand the power of healthy and eco-friendly food.
That’s why I’ve written a new guide for you to download with 10 life-changing consumer habits and trendy sustainable kitchen hacks.
By trying out new ways in your everyday life, you can inspire others and contribute to a growing awareness.
As a former designer, I can tell you that there are no limits to creativity in plant-based cooking, especially when it comes to up-cycling and recombining ingredients. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also learn new techniques to cook easy, delicious, vegan dishes.
Also try out the Mediterranean – Asian crossover menu I’ve created for your next family dinner. You will find these and many other delicious recipes in my upcoming E-cookbook.
Cooking brings us together, and when we put that special ingredient of love and joy into our food, everyone tastes it! So I hope you enjoy cooking and can´t wait to get your feedback.

"Peace starts on our plates"