About Yuki

"What Yuki 'brings to the table' goes way beyond making meals.  
On every single Revealing Vajra retreat, from the silence, meditation and yoga retreats to the more customized retreats,
she has amazed all of us with her attention to detail, her creativity and passion. 
Yuki is a professional in what she does. Participants all love her and every single plate is a little piece of art.  
From making the menu to picking out the right ingredients, from the preparation to the plating: it all makes sense. 
And above all, she's a really cool person to work with and to have around on retreats!"
"Yuki came to cook at our retreat centre this year and it has been a real pleasure.
Her food is delicious, and Yuki herself has been as bright and beautiful as her food,
engaging with great enthusiasm with our place and all the people here.
She carefully prepares menus so that there is a variety and balance of ingredients to bring a wide range of nutrients into the body.
She has a rich repertoire of plant based recipes, and her meals feel very satisfying and a complete delight.
Her cuisine can often feel like a walk around the world, and her desserts are glorious.
She’s very methodical and organised in the kitchen, and takes great care in presenting her dishes beautifully.
We highly recommend her!"
"Yuki has worked with us as a retreat chef at several of our retreats during 2021 and 2022.
We would like to place on record how delighted we are with the way Yuki worked during her many stays with us.
She worked diligently and professionally and was always polite and courteous with our in-house staff and guests.
Yuki is always a super addition to our team.
She has always provided us with wonderful and creative plant-based menu options in advance of the retreat,
which enabled us to plan ahead with the retreat leader. The dishes (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
were of the highest quality, nutritious and beautifully presented, much to the satisfaction of our guests.
Yuki is also a highly qualified nutritionist
which allows her to provide valuable insights and information to our retreat guests who suffer with dietary issues.
We would always welcome Yuki back for future retreats and highly recommend her to other retreat centres or retreat leaders
looking for a wonderful plant-based chef."

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