Some reviews of my lovely Yoga Retreat clients & business partners from Portugal, Spain, Great Britain and Germany…
Each of them offer exceptional retreat locations with an amazing team of teachers and therapists.
Places full of attention, love and care – surrounded by beautiful nature. Check out their upcoming retreats. You will love it !

Thank you so much for the trust and confidence you have placed in me as your personal plant-based Retreat Chef !

"Yuki came to cook at our retreat centre this year and it has been a real pleasure.
Her food is delicious, and Yuki herself has been as bright and beautiful as her food,
engaging with great enthusiasm with our place and all the people here.
She carefully prepares menus so that there is a variety and balance of ingredients to bring a wide range of nutrients into the body. She has a rich repertoire of plant based recipes, and her meals feel very satisfying and a complete delight.
Her cuisine can often feel like a walk around the world, and her desserts are glorious.
She’s very methodical and organised in the kitchen, and takes great care in presenting her dishes beautifully.
We highly recommend her!"
"Yuki's food is divine!
She has been retreat chef with us Valedemoses for a couple of seasons and we can't recommend her highly enough!
Vibrant, nourishing, nutritious and totally delicious plant-based meals
prepared with such care, passion and attention to detail.
Always inventive and always seeking to create new ways to inspire with her food and her kindness!"
"Yuki has worked with us as a retreat chef at several of our retreats during 2021 and 2022.
We would like to place on record how delighted we are with the way Yuki worked during her many stays with us.
She worked diligently and professionally and was always polite and courteous with our in-house staff and guests.
Yuki is always a super addition to our team.
She has always provided us with wonderful and creative plant-based menu options in advance of the retreat,
which enabled us to plan ahead with the retreat leader. The dishes (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
were of the highest quality, nutritious and beautifully presented, much to the satisfaction of our guests.
Yuki is also a highly qualified nutritionist which allows her to provide valuable insights and information to our retreat guests who suffer with dietary issues.
We would always welcome Yuki back for future retreats and highly recommend her to other retreat centres or retreat leaders looking for a wonderful plant-based chef."
"What Yuki 'brings to the table' goes way beyond making meals.  
On every single Revealing Vajra retreat, from the silence, meditation and yoga retreats to the more customised retreats,
she has amazed all of us with her attention to detail, her creativity and passion. 
Yuki is a professional in what she does. Participants all love her and every single plate is a little piece of art.  
From making the menu to picking out the right ingredients, from the preparation to the plating: it all makes sense. 
And above all, she's a really cool person to work with and to have around on retreats!"
"A week full of flavour!
What a luck we had to have Yuki cook on our Wide Ocean Retreat this October -
you can not only taste the combination of ingredients and spices she uses,
but also her love and creativity that she puts into every meal.
Every dish was a pleasant surprise, as Yuki was taking us on a culinary journey through different cuisines –
and all vegan, healthy and rich in nutrients!
Apart from her cooking, her organisation was incredible,
leaving us organisers with peace of mind and pride to offer such high quality food!
Thank you Yuki!"
"Yuki is an absolute dream to work with.
She came to cook as a guest chef for one week at our coastal yoga retreat center Cocoon Portugal.
Prior to working together, she was so organized and diligent in asking for details
about what kinds of spices and appliances our kitchen had.
Before she came, she sent out her proposed menu well in advance, asking for our feedback.
In person, she is full of boundless energy and enthusiasm for what she does!
It’s clear that she loves cooking, she loves making people happy, she does it all with this huge infectious smile.
Yuki prepares only vegan food, and everyone loved it!
Even some non-vegans mentioned about how delicious her food is.
We would welcome her back anytime. I highly highly recommend Yuki!"
"Our guests loved Yukis creative food!
Yuki is such a caring person, cooks with all her heart and truly cares that everyone enjoys her delicious meals.
Yuki keeps getting inspired and asks for feedback.
She created for us and our guests a menu, which was very professional and detailed
– and most importantly delicious and blissful!"

Some recent reviews of yoga teachers I collaborated with and my lovely retreat guests…

I really hope I will have a chance to taste Yuki’s talent (and extremely addictive desserts!) again very soon.
I have just returned from a silent meditation week at Le Moulin de Chaves in Périgord (France).
It was my 11th visit to this unique place and this time it was made even more special thanks to Yuki and her wonderful vegan cooking. Meal after meal she delivered innovative, nutritious, utterly delicious food which we all looked forward to enormously.
Not only did the meals provided us with moments of real appreciation for their goodness, it also helped us sustain our practice throughout the day: we felt so well looked after, body and soul.”
Hélène R.

“There are not enough words…
I could weave together to express how much joy I experienced from Yuki both in her food and in her presence.
She is an absolute ray of light and the culinary delights and journey that she takes you on is nothing short of magic.
I can’t remember the last time my heart, mouth and belly have been so deliciously happy!”
Chrissie Chung Yoga

“Yuki’s food is a revelation.
You’ll never know clean eating could taste this good and with so much variation until you are lucky enough to sit down at her table.
There, you’ll find yourself overcome by an explosion of flavors and an attention to subtle detail that turn every bite into a tiny moment of joy.
The only things that rival Yuki’s food are her bright smile, chill vibe, and kind heart. She is truly a gift to the yoga retreat world.”
Lauren Simonis Yoga

“We are all in good hands!
“When I organize a yoga retreat, the most important aspect besides the yoga practice is the nutrition of the participants.
I make sure they have a balanced diet that complements the practice. With Yuki, I know I don’t even have to think about that. We are all in good hands!”
Gabriel Ching

“I‘m totally in love with this warming breakfast created by
Morning pear kitchari with turmeric milk topped with walnuts and pomegranate!
During my yoga retreat @yogaspiritcircle Yuki offered us a variety of delicious and totally plantbased food.
No matter if breakfast, lunch, dinner or her amazing desserts – every meal was so colorful, nourishing and inspiring –
like Yuki in person as well. Thank you!…”
Rike @yoga_mit_rike

“What happens when a video artist discovers veganism and decides to divert her creativity there? happens!
I was really impressed by the inventiveness and research Yuki puts in every gesture and every single aspect of her vegan masterpieces: ingredients, flavours, textures, colours, freshness, presentation. All is beyond perfect. Can’t wait to hold in my hands the book she is working on recomposing traditional Portuguese dishes from vegan ingredients.
Thank you Cocoon Portugal for bringing together such an amazing bunch of people and attending to every single detail
of the training with raw, undiluted love & care.”
Alla @a11a.malova

“I wished I had Yuki as my everyday cook!
She has a real talent to elevate vegan meals to the highest standards, and certainly could compete with 5-star restaurants from around the world. The presentation of her dishes are a piece of art, and the combination of the ingredients creates a sensual explosion in your mouth.
Every meal is satisfying, while at the same time healthy and nourishing.”
Ute at Cocoon Portugal.

“Thank you for making this yoga retreat so special with your food, Yuki.
Usually I don’t eat vegan but it was such a great experience to taste all these really good dishes of you.
Yuki cooked it with so much love and creativity. Highly recommended! You have to try it if you can – it’s awesome!”
Katrin at Yogaspiritcircle 

Some reviews from Yoga Spirit Circle Google Reviews Page…

“A place like heaven.
I stayed for a one week yoga retreat in Malaga and loved it. Yoga classes were very good. Casa Erica is beautiful. It‘s a private villa in a quiet neighborhood. We had so much space to spend time together or alone. Beach is a 10 min walk.
The food was amazing. Top class vegan food. The chef Yuki deserves a michelin star-
to sum up, we were spoiled for a week and I‘m super relaxed. Loved it!!”
“I spent a magical week at Casa Erica.
The house and it’s surroundings on the coast transmit a very special atmosphere. The daily yoga classes, beautifully composed and guided by Vera, were the perfect level of intensity for me, offering at the same time plenty of variations for other levels.
The vegan food was delicious and felt really cleansing throughout the week.
Still, my highlight were the people involved: first and foremost Yvonne and Isabel, who managed to build up something so special over the years, their lovely parents, Alpha & Hanu, the host Julia, the karma yogis Marion and Johanna, the chefs Yuki and Nicole, our yoga teacher Vera, and the remaining participants in our super cute and harmonious group. A huge thanks to everyone and hopefully see you at another retreat.”
“I had a wonderful week at YSC.
Even if I was partially sick (and the team of YSC took GREAT care of me – talking about safe spaces) , I bring home with me so much.
Our teacher Vera was magic, she was able to share her love for the practice in an intense yet playful way, with beautiful and diverse yoga classes and a lot of inputs for all of us… She was always ready to answer all my question with a big smile and sparkling eyes, thank you Vera!
Casa Erica is a wonderful house, in the middle of the Andalusian landscape, with mountains on one side and the see on the other, I mean… There is everything you would need and a team always ready to help, our host Julia was just so much fun. The beach is 15 Minutes away and the water is crystal clear, with no waves, a paradise for the swimmers.
The vegan food was delicious, (thanks chef Yuki!), very healthy, tasty and colourful.
The retreat was very well organised with a lot of activities for the active ones ….and a lot of comfortable spots in every corner of the house for the lazy ones. It was a great experience to meet so many beautiful souls in such a place, a week full of relax, positivity, laughs and inspirations. Another big thank you YSC!”

Some reviews from Vale de Moses TripAdvisor´s page…

Inspiring week in a truly special place.
“I honestly cannot say enough nice things about Vale de Moses. I was lucky enough to be there at the same time as the fabulous Yuki, queen of vegan food. It’s probably quite rare to put on weight at a yoga retreat but I somehow managed it! If you’re going there, be aware of what it’s not. It’s not a luxury resort. It’s a group of dedicated and incredibly inspirational people who have carved out a beautiful little world for themselves in the Portuguese mountains, which they are kind enough to share with others. Accommodation is not luxurious but it is clean and very, very comfortable, the food is amazing and yoga classes are the best I’ve had in almost 15 years of practice. The whole experience was like a warm bath for the soul. Big thanks and hugs to all there, especially puppies and pigs Xx”

Like a big warm hug.
“Vale de Moses is a beautiful place, the yoga classes are the best I have ever experienced and the food is delicious every day. But what makes this place extra special is the wonderfully warm and open people who work so hard to make the retreat welcoming for people like me in need of some distance from everyday troubles. A special thanks to Andrew, Fleur, Ollie, Ansuya, Peter and Yuki for your kindness, good humour and excellent conversation. I was so sad to leave you all that I am already making plans to return next year! “

I left my heart in Vale de Moses
“…but Andrew has kindly offered to send it back. I joke but, he would because it is the countless acts of kindness that makes Vale de Moses so utterly special. Every yoga session was an act of giving and kindness; every discussion before a treatment made it a personalised act of kindness; each treatment itself was an act of kindness directed purely to me; every astounding meal had kindness as it’s key ingredient. And each time the bed was made there was a little personal touch that went beyond the requirements of hospitality. Care, compassion and kindness flows through that beautiful valley. Hold onto my heart Andrew as I know it will be looked after well. And I would say to anyone and everyone, take your heart to the Vale de Moses at least once in your life. Thank you to everyone in that very special place.”

The most beautiful place to be and experience.
“Three months ago I visited Vale de Moses. I’m looking back at it with a heart full of love and gratitude. The combination of (beyond-) beautiful wild nature, lovely people and animals, delicious food and great yogaclasses made it an unforgettable rich experience. In the first week I decided to stay for another week; I simply couldn’t get enough of all of it.
Even though basically everything in Vale de Moses made me a very happy human being, I alsof felt space to allow less comfortable emotions like sadness come to the surface. Everything was met with love, both my my fellow yogis and especially by the beautiful and wise women Vonetta and Ana. Thank you so much for everything you taught me, it keeps on helping me three months later.
Vale de Moses is even more beautiful than visible on the pictures and far beyond any review that you can read. It’s a paradise. A whole lot of lovely experiences, moments and feelings.
Sending Vonneta, Andrew and the rest of the Vale de Moses family so much LOVE!”

Mountain paradise.
“I came to Vale de Moses to re-boot before a challenging and extended period on the work front. It certainly did the trick and gave me the extra energy I needed.
The setting is absolutely beautiful – you discover it bit by bit through your stay – valleys, rivers, woods, glades, all kinds of places to read and sunbathe. The centre itself is full of spirit – an incredibly warm atmosphere which makes you feel supported and cared for. And there is real attention to detail. We took a group trip to one of the larger rivers one day and the VDM team brought along all we could possibly need (they probably even had spare swimming gear) – they had thought of everything.
The food is second to none – beautiful, colourful healthy feasts, from all over the world… and they is a good eating structure too: main meal at lunch and then soup in the evening to help sleep. As a veggie, I have never been so well provided for on the food front.
In terms of the yoga – I came to learn with a teacher I knew and it was a pleasure – a really well organised week, with space in the classes to learn and rest. It was a real ‘yoga for life’ approach – I learnt a lot about how to take yoga philosophy into my daily life, and make me more resilient as a result.
Overall, a fabulous week! I certainly recommend.”

Wonderful week in a beautiful, lush setting.
“If you’re thinking about booking a retreat at Vale De Moses, just do it!
Need more convincing? Here were my highlights of the week:
– The nature is incredible in spring – green and lush!
– You will spend time in a save, friendly environment. Andrew, Vonetta, Mars (our yoga teacher for the week) and all the others are very welcoming.
– It’s a bit hippie and I liked it – I ended up wearing head bands and chanting along with the other yogis – but nothing pretentious or over the top.
– The tents are amazing, a safe bubble with a comfy bed and wood burner in case you get cold.
– Showers in the forest – there are modern hot showers as well, but I loved the experience of showering outdoors.
– The treatments are phenomenal – I didn’t know what to expect but Manu and Peter were magical.
– The food by chef Yuki and co was some of the most delicious I ate in my life – and all healthy, filling too.
Last but not least, the yoga and hikes will help you feel grounded, strong and healthy.
To sum up: there is no better decision you can make than venturing out to the Portuguese hills and spend time with Andrew, Von and extended family / friends.
I cannot wait to return”

Perfect place to find inner peace.
“I visited the retreat a week ago. As I can see the place has been described a thousand times before so I wont. I lived in a double bed tent and loved every second of my retreat. The place is simply magical and has such good energies. I stayed alone most of the time or hanged out with the super nice and fun staff who were all very friendly and welcoming. We had chef Yuki to cook vegan for us and it was with pure heart. Our yoga classes were held by Fleur who is the best yoga teacher I have met. She was joyful, helpful and had very good energies. The whole trip was very relaxing and beautiful and what made it specifically special was the amount of love that was put into building this retreat and making it a place for people to find their inner peace or get a very good rest. Thank you again!”

Fantasic week of yoga, relaxation, and massage.
“If you’re looking to get away from the hurly-burly and reconnect with the more important things then this is a great place to do it. Yoga teacher Fleur is absolutely fantastic. All the staff are friendly and welcoming and genuinely care about the well-being of the guests, and the treatments were great. The food is also something to behold, and taste.
The other guests were also all amazing people – I think retreats like this probably attract people with particular interests and values, and so we all got on very well.
I stayed in the Nija Suite, which is tiny single bedded room at the top of at stone building. At 5’2″ I was able to stand up easily in the room, but have to duck to get through the door. The rest of the accommodation is full height though, and I loved my little room. There were some outdoor showers which were hot when the sun was out, and cold when not, but there are hot showers and water flushing loos up at the main house which is a short walk from the furthest accommodation.
The retreat is on the side of a valley with lovely wooded areas all around and there are some beautiful walks around and about. I should mention that valleys come with hills, but hills come with breathtaking views. There is a natural bathing pool by one of the cottages and another two down in the valley a few minutes walk away. The one at the top is a little chilly and only for the more robust or crazy guests – the ones at the bottom are much warmer as they get more sun.
Vale de Moses might not be everyone’s cup of tea – if you can’t stand composting toilets and want all mod-cons at your fingertips then this probably isn’t for you. But if you are looking for a genuine retreat with a huge does of nature then this is absolutely it – and the food is anything other but ‘rustic’.”

Best week of my life.
“Vale de Moses is AMAZING. It’s a bit of a trek to get there but worth every minute. What Andrew said is true, that absolutely everything about it nurtures and nourishes you: the restaurant-worthy vegetarian food, the silence and nature; time by yourself, time with others; the yoga, for both body and mind. Andrew and Vonetta are the soul of kindness; funny host Olly stops things from getting too serious. With each day I felt myself settling more into myself, fully supported and loved. I almost don’t want to share it with anybody else, but GO.”

Take me back!
“I just can’t recommend Vale De Moses enough. All the staff are so welcoming and friendly that you immediately feel part of the family – so much so that it feels wrong to call them “staff”. My week was focussed on sleep, and I went away with renewed hope that I could improve my sleep (and many practical tips on how to do so), after resigning myself years ago that I would forever be a poor sleeper.
The yoga was enlightening and the right level of challenge, and the food was INCREDIBLE. And really nourishing.
All around an amazing experience – I would return immediately if time and money allowed.”

A beautiful place filled with beautiful people!
“This was my second visit to Vale de Moses, and I just realised that I never left a review! Which is absolutely criminal because I feel evangelical about this place.
It is a beautiful, peaceful home-away-from-home where you are totally welcomed with laughter and warmth. As soon as you arrive, the ‘real’ world of work, news, phones, traffic, noise, stress, etc begins to melt away. And that feeling definitely lingers when you leave; Andrew’s morning meditation walks have really stuck with me, I think about what he said about the cycles of nature often, and find myself seeking out green areas more and more.
The valley is a beautiful sun-drenched spot of abundance, bursting with life. I took Ollie’s advice and rambled in the hills around – so peaceful, with the sound of the stream, the birds and the wind through the pines all you can hear. The food was utterly delicious. If I could have smuggled Yuki home with me in my suitcase I would have. The massage treatment with Mars had me floating down the hill to my cosy cottage.
And the yoga! Fleur is a wonderful teacher. She is so welcoming, warm and kind – a ray of positivity, making us laugh, inviting us to try new things in a supported manner, and making everything joyful and practising yoga feel like the most natural thing in the world.
I left Vale de Moses filled with a warm glow, a commitment to be more eco-conscious, and a sense of positivity and calm that is still floating about me now. Thank you so much to all the team!”

The best week!
“It’s peaceful, beautiful and feels like you have been invited into their home of a bunch of truly wonderful and warm hearted people. The food was beyond my wildest expectations – it was delicious, healthy and plentiful (!!) and I wish I could take the chef Yuki home with me. There are amazing treatments on offer – I tried them all – from massage, aromatherapy to energy healing and they were all so great I can’t pick a favourite. Yoga retreats these days can often feel pretty commercial; coming away from Vale de Moses I have the warm glow of feeling like having done a good deed towards nature (and compared to many other retreats this one is very affordable too!). It is “eco” without trying too hard, and I feel really inspired to see how I can lessen my carbon footprint once I am back. There are cuddly dogs, cats, pigs (!) and great human company if you feel like it – and great nature if you don’t. The yoga classes were amazing- Tashi the teacher during my stay is knowledgeable, wise and extremely funny and just has a way of making you fall in love with yoga as a life practice. From the many returning guests during my retreat week though I can tell that all teachers are just excellent! Thank you for a wonderful week!”

No detail left unattended to at this magical retreat nestled in the beauty of deepest nature.
“After many years of searching for a yoga retreat, I came upon Vale de Moses, and was immediately drawn to. The week spent here was well beyond any expectation I may have had, and has set the bar high. We were welcomed by warm, friendly, lovely hosts and staff, and within moments it felt I had known them and this place for ages. The lush and verdant setting, fresh clear air, myriad walking paths for solo strolls and contemplation; bright night skies full of stars, pathways aglow in full moonlight, waking to the songs of birds along with the most delicious and lovingly prepared meals, extraordinary yoga classes and massage treatments – aligned for a most healing and transformative experience. If anyone has been wondering if a yoga retreat may be for them, if there’s apprehension with where one may be in their practice be it occasional, beginner, or long time regular yoga practitioner, let your fears rest. All are welcome here, and all are served, wherever one may be. I returned home to NYC a little over two weeks ago, living a dual existence with heart, spirit and one foot remaining in the peace of this glorious community and place.I cannot recommend the experience of Vale de Moses highly enough.”

Some reviews from Wide Ocean Retreat Google Reviews Page…

“If you are looking for a unique and fulfilling experience Wide Ocean Retreat is for you.
I recently attended their yoga and well-being retreat in Alentejo and was delighted with the whole arrangement. The food was delicious, the days well thought out keeping us busy whilst not exhausting us. The landscapes in the region were incredible. On the whole I was very pleasantly surprised and would not hesitate to recommend this retreat. Lisa and her team were very professional whilst also friendly and approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed my week and returned happy, rested and inspired.”

“I loved the retreat in Sintra, Portugal!
Lisa and Antonio really make you feel welcome. They are kind, professional and ready to make the retreat a wonderful experience. They offer a balanced combination of yoga and other activities. I feel inspired, relaxed as well as energized.
The food was amazing!
I highly recommend that you book a retreat with Wide Ocean Retreat, you will love it!”

“Perfect holiday from first day to last.
Incredible food, perfectly balanced activities and super location.”

“If you are looking for a very well organised retreat don’t look any further!
I’ve been on 2 retreats with Wide Ocean Retreat and they were both wonderful. Great yoga, excellent healthy food, the best locations and a nice mix between organised activities and free time. I would definitely recommend Wide Ocean Retreat!”

This beautiful retreat with Lisa from Wide Ocean Retreat was exactly what I needed.
With her open, happy nature, Lisa created a great atmosphere in which we were all able to spend a wonderful time together.
Every day there was outstandingly delicious and extraordinary food,
the hotel offered an amazing view and the excursions planned by Lisa were just the right amount of activity and retreat! You could be on your own or spend time with the group having great conversations. The daily yoga sessions were particularly nice. Beside the pool, with views of the river and mountains, just finding yourself was wonderful. The arrival and departure was also very well organized!
All in all, I would book a retreat with Wide Ocean Retreat again at any time and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!”

Thanks Wendy Werneth for mention my portugues cooking classes “God save the Bacalhau” in your article about Lisbon on your blog The Nomadic Vegan:-)

7 Top Lisbon Experiences that are Vegan-Friendly: Vegan Portuguese Food Workshop with Yuki

“…Yuki Jung is a plant-based retreat chef, cooking instructor and menu developer who relocated to Lisbon several years ago. She runs the All You Need is Veg Food Lab, where she hosts thematic cooking classes and sustainable events.Yuki taught a workshop for our tour group during the first vegan Lisbon tour that I led, in 2018. We made a three-course meal of veganized traditional Portuguese dishes, and everyone loved it!
But Yuki’s classes aren’t limited to vegan Portuguese food. She also creates special thematic events highlighting other cuisines. For example, she’s currently running a monthly series of Asian lunches, followed by a clothing swap.This month’s event will feature a green Thai bowl for lunch and a Carnaval swap, so people can put together a fun costume for Carnaval without spending an arm and a leg. What an awesome idea!
To schedule a cooking class or other event, you can register directly through Yuki’s website or write to her at her email address:…”

María from the blog Comebebeviaja came to my Fitness Swap & Korean Bowl Lunch.
She wrote such a nice article about my new location. Muchas Gracias !

“…Lo comimos en una mesa de ping pong, mientras hablábamos sobre Lisboa y el mundo, sobre cómo cada uno había ido a parar allí, sobre futuros proyectos, y sobre restaurantes veganos. Fue tremendamente enriquecedor.
De postre, Yuki había preparado unos deliciosos muffins, que fueron perfectos para junto con otro té poner el broche final a la comida. Después, en la terraza, y con el sol de invierno dándonos en la cara, hubo un intercambio de ropa. Yo no pude participar porque como estoy de viaje no tenía ropa “de sobra”, pero me lo apunto para la próxima vez.
Yuki tiene una gran conciencia de sostenibilidad y zero waste, por eso organiza este tipo de intercambios de ropa, donde puedes cambiar la que ya no uses por otra que ya no use otra persona. ¡El próximo intercambio lo hará para disfraces de carnaval!
En definitiva, esto ha sido una experiencia única, muy recomendable para quien quiera vivir una Lisboa más profunda, conocer gente, o simplemente disfrutar de actividades diferentes…”

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