Say yes to vegan cheese

Yes you can produce your own vegan cheese !
Here I have put together some links for you !

But first I wanna talk about this very special vegan cheese making workshop I just participated in at The Food Temple in Lisbon:

Karo Tak and Miguel Nomada took us on a tour through some amazing vegan cheeses and show us how to make them ourselves !

More information you ll find HERE.

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More links for vegan cheese making and recipes:

Karo says this is the bible of vegan cheese making:;-)
Artisan vegan Cheese from Miyoko Schinner (Miyokos Kitchen) (EN)

All about vegan cheese alternatives ! (GER)
And more vegan cheese ! (GER)
…and vegan milk alternatives ! (GER)
How to make your vegan Mozzarella ! (GER)
All about vegan milkproducts ! (GER)
How to produce your vegan cheese ! (FR)
And more vegan cheese recipes ! (FR)
And here the gourmet version ! (FR)
More vegan elegant cheese recipes from Onegreenplanet ! (EN)


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