Interview with Chef Yuki

Interview with well-being Chef Yuki

Tell us about your life before you came to Portugal.

My origins are from Bavaria and as a kid from the „Alpes“ – my connection to nature has always been profound and a source of life energy.

After graduating from high school, I studied fashion design & art and worked for more than 10 years as a set & event designer for cultural events & tourism in France ( In parallel, my passion was to fly through the skies in a hot air balloon. I not only managed high-end flights in the Loire Valley, but also travelled to international championships around the globe. This experience gave me a deep understanding of the adventure travel and experience market.

In 2010 I moved to Berlin which finally brought me to veganism.
Living in Europe’s vegan capital, made me aware of sustainable living models and I met wonderful people who inspired me to start my food blog.

Curiosity brought me to Lisbon in 2015 – Love made me stay. Over time, I realized that I could no longer be happy ignoring the facts of the abusive food industries – especially animal cruelty.
So I changed my lifestyle, became vegan and deeply hope that through my cuisine I can inspire others to do the same.

How it comes that you turned from a Audio- Visual Designer into a professional vegan Chef?

2015, just a little hands-on trial in Lisbon at one of the most visited vegan restaurants at that time: “The Food-Temple” transformed my life…a beautiful journey into the fantastic world of plant-based food started!

Since then I have never stopped cooking, gained experience in various vegan restaurants, founded Allyouneedisveg Lisbon “VegFoodLab” and graduated as a plant-based chef and certified nutritionist from the industry-leading “Plant Based Institute for Culinary Arts” in Berlin.

Who are your clients and with whom you like working most?

As plant-based well-being Chef one of my greatest experiences are those in collaboration with projects which have the same vision as I have: a sensibility for a green and cruelty-free future wrapped in creativity, colours and joy.

I develop menus for the restaurant industry and design mindful nutrition concepts for seminars and events in Lisbon.

However, over the years I have specialized in wellness nutrition and worked as a private chef for yoga retreats.

What inspires you about working as a personal chef at the retreats?

At the retreats I got the opportunity to go deeper into my passion – the essence of Yoga Food and observed the immediate energetic impact and delight my food has on our lovely guests and team. I understood what a powerful tool food can be and how “cruelty-free” quality food can make a real change towards a better and more peaceful society.

Buddhist Chef Jeong Kwan, who I admire deeply, brings it to the point:
“With food we can share and communicate our emotions. It´s that mind-set of sharing that is really what you are eating.”

How would you describe your style?

I offer delicious, colorful and healthy meals – rich in prana – that enhance performance during meditation, yoga practice and creative processes.
I believe that the ethical and energetic quality and positive effects of pure, plant-based, wholesome foods – carefully prepared with creativity, love and joy – are directly linked to our inner and outer health and well-being: Our body, mind and spirit!

My goal is to inspire people around the world to fall in love with plant-based cuisine.

Which are your preferred cuisines?

I am inspired by the techniques and flavours of Mediterranean – Asian crossover with influences from Macrobiotic, Ayurveda and Gourmet Raw Cuisines.
However my affinity for Thai & Japanese Cuisines cannot be denied 🙂 so fragrant, fresh and yummy !

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Graduate as a plant-based Chef & Nutritionist at Plant-based Institute for Culinary Arts, Berlin.

…with Sebastian Copien at Plant Based Institut for Culinary Arts.


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