• Our Food´s Footprint

    Think Global Act Local – our Food´s Footprint !

    My actions today will affect the lives of other people and beings on our planet and the future of coming generations. In which way my consumption in particular my meat or vegetable diet influences the global events?

    Hereafter some important facts we should all know.

  • Save the waste

    There are FOODSHARING projects popping up all over the world to reduce the enormous waste of food. I would like to present you some of them…

  • 10 Milliarden and more

    Valentin Thurn brought out 10 MILLIARDEN after TASTE THE WASTE.
    The question is: how long can we go on this ruthless way and how will we feed in the future the earth population?
    Valentin Thurn met personalities presenting us their alternative projects and also industry representatives.
    This film shows us a global view on the whole thematic, which is very complex.
    Here you can find all the protagonists and projects of the film in a Pdf (only GER).

    Ein Statement über die Auswirkungen des erhöhten Fleischkonsums von Valentin Thurn !

    More links of films about food industry criticism- but please be prepared this is not for the faint- hearted !

Food for Change Guide

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