Guerrilla Gardening

In this article I want to bring together all information and links about Guerrilla Gardening projects all over the world.
Guerrilla Gardening is such a beautiful form of protest and engagement to use our common and public spaces in a different and more sharing way. Let´s use abandoned land and spaces to raise our own community plants. It´s so easy.

An amazing example is the project of Mary Clear ” The incredible Edible
Hereafter other links to great Guerillagardeningprojects:

WW Guerillagardening Community
Stadtacker Berlin
Urbangardening Berlin
Guerillagärtner Austria
Greenguerillas in NY
L.A. Green Grounds

Statement of Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA:

For the case you wanna get active: a link of how you can produce yourself a SEEDBOMB.
And also a very nice worldwide project: FALLINGFRUIT.



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