• Plant-based Milk Recipes Vegan Chef Yuki

    Plant Milk Guide

    How to replace dairy milk? You will see it is so easy ! Plus super healthy for us, much better for the animals and the environment. If you are curious and on a path towards more plant-based options in your diet, you can find in this guide all instructions to make your own delicious plant-based milk…Enjoy ! 🙂

  • Get active for animal rights

    Lokāh Samastāh Sukhino Bhavantu

    Eating animals seems more and more like a middle age thing to me. How we behave towards other beings has something to do with respect, love and compassion. The way we treat animals in the industries and also humans in consequence is reflecting perfectly the way we respect ourselves, the earth and the universe.

  • The chicken is in the kitchen

    Magical veg tour 2015
    Chapter II

    Mobile vegan cuisine in the “poulailler” (henhouse) of Jardins de Valmer, Loirevalley, France.
    Vol au vent des poules d’ or qui adorent la fricassĂ©e de champignons et de soja fumĂ©.
    All recipes are organic, cruelty-free and in an intuitive cooking style.