• Showcooking Celeiro

    Let the color in ! You wanna learn how to eat a rainbow full of vitamins ? So don´t miss: My series of colorful vegan showcooking thematics that I especially developed for Celeiro will be continued in 2018. Hereafter you will find all details:-)

  • Quinta da Pedra Branca

    I went shooting last sunday the event ORGANIIDAY at Quinta da Pedra Branca.  Such a nice ambiance and vegetables around us. You have absolutely to discover this lovely farm in Mafra. Hereafter you will find the photos I shooted for for Organii Cosmética Biológica to document their anniversary.

  • Organii – LX Open Day

    Here you can view the pics of my last photo report as an event photographer at LX OPEN DAY #16 for Organii Cosmética Biológica with Isaura Faria. She showed in a workshop how to produce homemade energy balls. You can study one of my energy ball recipes in the end of this article 😉 I ll also shoot for Organii at Dia International do Ambiente, 5.June at Quinta da Pedra Branca… See y there !

  • Power Beetroot Smoothie

    Vegan smoothies are super powerful and very easy to prepare. Just put everything in a good mixer. Mix it – enjoy it ! Ready to start a new healthy day! 1 tablespoon of linseeds covers our daily needs of omega-3 fatty acids.