• Plant-based Milk Recipes Vegan Chef Yuki

    Plant Milk Guide

    How to replace dairy milk? You will see it is so easy ! Plus super healthy for us, much better for the animals and the environment. If you are curious and on a path towards more plant-based options in your diet, you can find in this guide all instructions to make your own delicious plant-based milk…Enjoy ! šŸ™‚

  • Golden Milk, Golden Cha, Golden Paste

    Golden Milk

    Isaura Faria made me discover in her workshop the classicĀ AyurvedicĀ beverageĀ ā€œGolden Milkā€ and I was curious andĀ tried out some variations of it.

    Hereafter i will explain how to fabricateĀ a homemade Turmeric-based paste: theĀ Golden PasteĀ and theĀ Golden Milk recipe.

    I invented for you also someĀ amazing drinks: The IcedĀ Golden Milk, the Golden Mango LassiĀ the Golden Masala ChaiĀ and the Golden Apple Punch for cosy autumn days. Enjoy !