Liberty of seeds

That is why I March against Monsanto, Bayer & Co !

Hereafter you ll find different worldwide projects and personalities around the preservation of ancient crops and seeds! Preserving ancient seeds, guarding them like a treasure is essential.


I discovered Seed Freedom through the amazing film 10 Milliarden.

We care for Life – The Power in Caring: A message from Dr Vandana Shiva.
“Seed Sovereignty cannot be achieved through the efforts of just one individual. It takes the hands of many people, farmers and non-farmers alike, to protect our seeds from the corporate giants, robbing our farmers of their work, knowledge and subsistence.”



In Germany Kultursaat e.V., Saat Gut e.V., Gentechnikfreie Saat, Bingenheimer Saatgut, Bantam.
In Austria Arche-Noah.
In Portugal  SOS save our seeds.
In France Kokopelli Semences.
Alix de Saint-Venant of Jardins de Valmer
collects ancient vegetable seeds of the Loire Valley.


In the US Seedsavers.



Food for Change Guide

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