Detox Cure

CLEAN yourself from inside.

As a plant-based nutritionist I offer carefully planned juicing and broth plans for holistic detox weeks at retreats and specialized boutique hotels.

These purifying and healing detox cures provide enough energy, vitamins and nutrients for the whole day and enable physical and mental re-set.
Participants can relieve their metabolic system by fasting, helping their digestive system, setting energy free, which in turn causes a natural regeneration.
In addition, fasting can be a great opportunity to change food habits towards a plant-based diet and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

An healthy alkaline cleanse includes the consumption of quality spring water, green juices, smoothies, alkaline soups, organic vegetables or fruits, as appropriate over a period of 3 to 7 days.

Well-designed cures are always accompanied by meditation, yoga, walking or other therapies and take place in peaceful surroundings.

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