• Natural Food Colours Guide

    Color your life with natural food colors… You eat with your eyes first ! As a vegan cook and baker I love to use and play with natural and organic colors in the composition of my recipes ! Especially in a Veg Cuisine the visual aspect and composition of a dish influences us in the way how we enjoy a fresh tasting food and makes it even more delicious. In this post we learn how to produce our own organic food colors without any chemicals (of course) ! Enjoy and please send me your suggestions and recipes !

  • Think Pink

    Have a look to my new article for ECO123 – print spring 2017 edition:  THINK PINK ! Começar a Primavera com pratos saudáveis e vegan.  Head for a healthy, vegan, culinary spring with lots of colour.  Farbenfroh in den gesunden, kulinarischen und veganen Frühling.