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I propose following services :

Vegan Cook to go // Recipe Developer & Veganiser //Autor & Food Photographer​ //​ Vegan Pastry & Cake Maker Lisbon // Showcooking // Workshops // See you soon. Yukijung

Aceito Encomendas de Salgados e Doces para festas e eventos corporativos empresaria / Creation of menus / Private chef to go.

Style: Tasty Fusion – Cuisine, 100 % plant-based.
© All Menu & Photos: Allyouneedisveg //

# Vegan cook to go – Gourmet – Fusion – Cuisine, 100 % plant-based.
If you need for a private diner or a showcooking event a private vegan cook, I could create for you a tailored menu.
# Bolateria vegana – I am specialized in vegan sweet and salty pastry, that can be ordered for your event. Write me to get my complete menu.
# Workshops / Cooking Classes / Culinary Teambuilding – Full flavors & vitamins, but without eggs, milk and cheese? In my vegan cooking courses, you will discover how to create delicious and healthy recipes without any animal products. A joyful guide into the vegan world. Please write me to get a list of the courses I propose.
# Event- & Foodphotography – I am a freelancer photographer and journalist for green events and different online and offline magazines.
# Recipe Developer, Reviews and Giveaways – If your company has a product, I would be glad to review it, develop recipes with it or host a giveaway.
# Guest Posts – If you have a great recipe or post idea you can also contact me with it. Just submit your proposed post.

PT: The Food Temple (Pastry Chef), Princesa do Castelo (Chef), Foodprintz Cafe, Celeiro, Eco123, Saude Actual, Organii, Herdade do Freixo do Meio, Quinta da Pedra Branca,…
DE: Sürdham Göb (ZEN-Cooking), Sebastian Copien (Vegan Chef Intensive Training), Marco Fonseca (Nivel 4 · FORMACIÓN EN COCINA NATURAL Y GOURMET Instituto Macrobiotico de Portugal), Vegan Magazin DE, Albert Schweitzer Stiftung, Vitam,…

GreenstaysEco123, Celeiro
LX Factory- Kitschen LX

Thank you for your interest, I will come back to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day!

Hereafter some links of projects and Chefs that I admire for your inspiration:-)


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Sebastian Copien
Surdham Göb
Stephan Giannangeli
Josita Hartanto

Also in the non veg food sector I have some chefs that I admire a lot:
Yotam Ottolenghi

Jamie Oliver invented the FOOD REVOLUTION DAY.


Niko Rittenau


Gaz Oakley
Kochen ohne Knochen
Nicole Just 
Natuarlly Ella
Elephants are vegan



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