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Vegan Private & Rereat Chef to go // Recipe Developer //​ Vegan Pastry & Cake Maker Lisbon // Designer // Showcooking // Workshops // See you soon. Yukijung
Aceito Encomendas de Salgados e Doces para festas e eventos corporativos empresaria / Creation of menus / Private Chef to go.
Style: Tasty & Mindful Fusion – Cuisine, 100 % plant-based.
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# Vegan Chef to go – Mindful – Fusion – Cuisine, 100 % plant-based.
Are you looking for a plant-based Private Cook for your event or a Retreat Chef?
I create for you delicious & mindful menus cooked with joy & love and beautiful local ingredients.
Since 4 years into the field of plant-based cuisine and trained by the best german plant-based chefs, I am into a Mediterranean Cooking style with asian influences from Macrobiotic & Ayurveda.
# Bolateria vegana As a cake specialist I can offer a selection of Traditional cake classics, original creations or contemporary sugar-free / gluten-free Raw Pastries & Desserts.
# Workshops / Cooking Classes / Culinary Teambuilding – Full flavors & vitamins, but without eggs, milk and cheese? In my plant-based cooking courses, you will discover how to create delicious and healthy recipes without any animal products. A joyful guide into the vegan world. Please write me to get a list of the courses I propose.
# Event- & Foodphotography – I am a freelancer photographer and journalist for green events and different online and offline magazines.
# Recipe Developer, Reviews and Giveaways – If your company has a product, I would be glad to review it, develop recipes with it or host a giveaway.
# Guest Posts – If you have a great recipe or post idea you can also contact me with it. Just submit your proposed post.

PT: Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat (Main Chef), Marco Fonseca (Nivel 4 · FORMACIÓN EN COCINA NATURAL Y GOURMET Instituto Macrobiotico de Portugal), The Food Temple (Pastry Chef), Princesa do Castelo (Chef), Foodprintz Cafe, Celeiro, Eco123, Saude Actual, Organii, Herdade do Freixo do Meio, Quinta da Pedra Branca,…
DE: Sürdham Göb (ZEN-Cooking Training), Sebastian Copien (Vegan Chef Intensive Training), Vegan Magazin DE, Albert Schweitzer Stiftung, Vitam,…

LX Factory- Kitschen LX

Thank you for your interest, I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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