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I propose following services:
Plant-based Retreat Chef // Nutritionist // Consultant //

DE: Certified plant-based Chef & Nutritionist of Plant-Based Institut for Conscious Culinary Arts, Boris Lauser Raw Cuisine, Pink Elephant Cooking, Sebastian Copien (Plant based Chef Intensive Training), Sürdham Göb (ZEN-Chef Training, Gastronomy Management Training), Niko Rittenau, Vitam.
Press: Welt Vegan Magazin, Das Vegan Magazin, Albert Schweitzer Stiftung.
PT: Vale de Moses Retreat (Head Chef), The Food Temple (Pastry Chef), Marco Fonseca – Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal (Plant-based Chef Intensive Training), Ethical-Assembly, Lisbon Yoga-Festival,
VeggieWorld Portugal, Huge Meal – Cantina Baldracca, Celeiro, Organii, Herdade do Freixo do Meio, Quinta da Pedra Branca.
Press: Revista Saúde Actual, Eco123.
Talks Conferences: Ethical Assembly, Lisbon Yogafestival.
UK: Press: Vegan Life Magazine, The Guardian.

Happy & Healthy Cuisine
Mediterranean – Asian crossover with influences from Macrobiotic & Ayurveda.
100 % plant-based 100% delicious.

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About me:
As a German Designer & Vegan Chef with international background I explore the question
how we could drastically reduce the industrial consumption of animals.
The answer is: Let´s cook mindful & delicious food with CREATIVITY & LOVE & JOY !
After working in tourism and event-design ( in France since 2002,
I decided to move to Berlin in 2010 where I founded my plant – based Lifestyle-blog
Since 2015 I have been increasingly involved into sustainable food-projects and collected experiences
as a plant-based Chef, recipe developer and consultant for privates, restaurants, brands and press.
2018 I founded Allyouneedisveg Lisbon “VegFoodLab” for development, education and sustainable events.
Specialized into easy digestible and healthy food,  I work regullary for seminaries and retreats as a Vegan Chef to provide meals which are enhancing performance during meditation, yoga practise and creative process.

Have a nice day!
Chef Yuki

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… at VeggieWorld Portugal 2018 for Celeiro.

Since 2019 AllyouneedisVeg FoodLab has it´s location in the heart of Lisbon:

Centro de inovação da Mouraria / Mouraria creative hub

Hereafter some links of projects and Chefs that I admire for your inspiration:-)


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Sebastian Copien
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Jamie Oliver invented the FOOD REVOLUTION DAY.


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