Vegan Winter Cooking School Lisboa

Inscrição de oficinas de culinária vegana/Inscription now !
Inscriptions & Dates for Allyouneedisveg Vegan Winter Cooking School are online now.
WORKSHOPS November/December  2017

Bom dia dear future vegan Chefs,

Bienvenue à nos ateliers de cuisine végétalienne de Lisbonne.
Willkommen bei unseren veganen Kochkursen Lissabon.

I propose this winter 5 creative workshops to get into the world of tasty vegan cooking & lifestyle.
Proponho este inverno 5 oficinas criativas para entrar no mundo saboroso da culinária e estilo de vida veganos.

1*Veg for Absolute Beginners !
2*Happy Milkyway
3*Strudelize it !
5*DIY Christmas Cookies ! Kids welcome !

1*Veg for Absolute Beginners !
You would like to start cooking with vegetables but do not know how? Learn from the scratch all basics to start your vegan cooking experience.
Data: Secunda-Monday 27.11.2017 / 19h30-22h

 2*Happy Milkyway
You always wanted to learn how to produce your own non diary milk and tofu?
Let´s do it for more happy cows !
Data: Terca-Tuesday 14.11.2017 / 19h30-22h

3*Strudelize it !
Learn basic rules about vegan baking and how to make the original Strudel from Bavaria or Vienna ! 
The elastic dough is the secret of a successful Strudel. We also will have different salty and sweet fillings: Apple-Cinnamon, Pear-Coconut, Indian Samosa 😉
Data: Quinta-Thursday 09.11.2017 / 19h30-22h

Creative Labo to create beautiful Makis and Springrolls.
Data: Quarta-Wednesday 22.11.2017 / 19h30-22h

5*DIY Christmas Cookies ! Kids welcome !
Creative Labo to bake traditional bavarian Christmas Cookies in vegan version and in special forms.
Data: Domingo-Sunday 03.12.2017 / 16h30-19h

Local: Kitschen LX “LX Factory”, Lisboa see on Google Maps 
(R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa, 4th floor next to Coworklisboa )
Data: see description workshop
Duração: 2H30 de Formação
Formadora: Yukijung / Allyouneedisveg / Vegan Chef & Blogger
Línguas: Inglês, Português, Alemão, Francês
Valor: see description workshop 
Early birds: For a booking of  3 different workshops/ person – 10 % desconto.
Inclui manual com as receitas e dicas no workshop + degustação dos pratos confeccionados.
Destinatários: Público em geral.
Número mínimo de participantes: 8 
(Espaços disponíveis são limitados/with limited spaces available)     

Please if you re interested in one of the 5 workshops,
register with name + phonenumber +mail to 
Por favor, se você estiver interessado em uma das 5 oficinas,
registre-se com o nome + número de telefone +  e-mail

After i will send you a confirmation via mail with Paypal and IBAN informations for a definitive reservation through payment.
Depois enviarei uma confirmação por e-mail com as informações do Paypal e IBAN para uma reserva definitiva através do pagamento.

Thank you so much & Have a nice day * Yuki 


As a Vegan Chef, Artist, Photographer and Blogger I explore the question how we could drastically reduce the industrial consumption of animals. Through creative projects and by thinking about sustainability and delicious food. Let´s share opinions, facts, ideas and recipes and grow together. I propose following services : Vegan Chef to go // Autor & Food Photographer // Vegan Pastries // Showcooking // Product launches // Incentives // Workshops for adults and kids // See you soon. Yukijung 

Vegan Gourmet-Fusion-Cuisine/Creation of menus/Private chef.
(Styles: Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Asian )

Aceito Encomendas de Salgados e Doces para festas e eventos corporativos empresaria.

Thanks for coming !



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