Vegan Summer Cooking School Lisboa

Herafter you ll find upcoming dates of our classic cooking class diner “God save the bacalhau” at Vegan Cooking School Lisboa
*for Lisboetas & Vegans Lost in Lisbon…
You will learn how to prepare a typical Portuguese menu 100 % plant-based. Yes it´s possible ! 🙂 Join for this unique experience !

You are are on the research of traditional Portuguese restaurants with vegan options?
Well not easy to find in Lisbon. That´s why I created this in Lisbon unique cooking classes for vegan Lisboetas tired of meat and fish dishes and sustainable travelers who want to learn more about Mediterranean Portuguese cuisine – in plant-based version.  
Since over 3 years now I veganize all kind of traditional dishes & desserts and I will teach you the secrets of creating a sea flavor without fish, a smoky flavor without meat and creamy sweet delights without butter and dairy milk.
All recipes are developed in my ©VegFoodLab Lisboa and it will be a joy for me to share them with you.

Interested ? So book quick your course, if you wanna be part of this Portuguese Yummy Yummy experience.

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# Saturday Cooking Class at LX Factory: 29. September 2018 at 19h00

Same day – same place: Benefit from the iconic LX FactoryMarket, Lisbon at KitschenLX and learn how to cook delicious portuguese dishes in vegan version.


Rissóis do mar
Typical portugese petisco is a small half-moon croquette usually baked or deep fried. We will prepare it with a delicious tempeh – seaweed filling.

Caldeirada da Yuki
Typical fishermen’s stew, consisting of a wide variety of seawheat and bell peper in a flavorful whitewine sauce.
Caldeirada is similar to other types of fish stew, such as the French bouillabaisse, Greek kakavia, Spanish zarzuela, and Italian cacciucco.

«Pastéis de Anjos» (Pastéis de Nata )
Portuguese egg tart pastry were created before the 18th century by Catholic monks at the Jerónimos Monastery in the civil parish of Santa Maria de Belém, in Lisbon.
We will prepare a most yummy plant-based version.

Surprise vegan wine tasting

# On demand 7/7: Cooking Class in your location / holiday residency:
Cooking unites us: Invite your friends or businesspartners for a cooking class in your location, learn how to prepare like a chef a delicious vegan portuguese menu and have lunch or diner together. 
Prices on demand.

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Style: Gourmet – Veg Fusion – Cuisine, 100 % plant-based.
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