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I had the chance to share some time with Isaura Faria, one of the greatest specialists in Portugal in vegan nutrition and healthy food.
Her positive energy and beautiful charisma fascinated me and gave me the idea to shoot a little report about her and her workshops.

For me Isaura Faria represents a great example of a powerful woman who is living her dreams and convictions in a positive and sharing way.
As she says: “Circumstances were a fundamental experience in my life and gave me the idea of following this vegan way … when I realized the dimension of suffering that all animals are living in the industry that feeds the human being, my body naturally began to reject meat. The rest comes then naturally, little by little essentially for a matter of ethical reasons.”

Let´s life all our dreams – a dream from a more more respectful and loving world especially through our actions towards all beings and nature which is the mother of all of us! In this world of temptation… we cannot be perfect- but we can let come true our little dreams each day – again and again! All together this little dreams will make our big dream – in the end !

Isauras’ big motivation in her life is to help others to make better food choices, aiming their health and our planet, help change the world and become a better human being.

I had the chance to be present at two of her workshops: Iniciações ao Vegetarianismo (Introduction into Vegetarianism) and Mezinhas Caseiras (Home made remedies).

Beautiful vibes in the classes and a teacher with an enormous knowledge!

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One of Isauras’ prefered vegan butter recipes: Vegetable Arugula Butter
1 pack Macadamia nuts
1 tbsp Brewer’s yeast
1 cup Arugula
½ cup fresh Coriander
Juice of ½ lemon
1 tbsp Olive oil
Salt and black pepper
Grind everything very fine and store in a jar in the refrigerator.
In the workshop of Isaura we learn how to cook with meat replacers like p.ex. Seitan,Tofu, Tempeh and much more…
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If you have a dog taste her raw pet´s snack´s recycled out of the fibers of her homemade juices !!
I tasted them – very yummie;-)

The decision to go veg or vegan is connected to spirituality and vice versa. Persons who are choosing a vegan path are often also into Yoga and Buddhism or similar.
Living life in a more conscient way and questionning the sources of our consumption.
Where are things produced and how? What does it mean to consume an animal who lived and died only in the purpose to satisfy our limitless demand.
I am convinced that everyone who starts to questioning our society of consumption, will come automatically to a point where he has to be honest enough to ask himself this question: “Is this ethical correct what I am eating in my daily life? Content my nutrition  good or bad energies through the way how it has been produced ?”
A book which Isaura recommended me as an spiritual inspiration is from Robin S. SharmaThe Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (O-Monge-que-Vendeu-o-seu-Ferrari).
A fable about fulfilling our dreams and reaching our destiny.

Isaura confided us also one of her preferred songs: The Mul Mantra. 
Muito bom !:-)


Full lyrics and meaning of Mul Mantra:

Ek ong kaar… God is One, I am One with all beings Sat Nam… Truth is God’s Name… The vibration of God’s Name is what created all beings…. that vibration is within me…. therefore in my core I am true. Karta purkh… God is the Doer…. God does all things… God works through me…. God works through everyone in my life. Nirbhao… God is fearless… I am fearless. Nirvair… God has no revenge…. I exist in my heart… I stay present… I don’t hold on to the past…. I live in this moment in full compassion and acceptance of what is. Akal Murat…God exists in the undying form… God is in the purity of our efforts to live in a spiritual way, and these efforts never die… these efforts live on forever. Adjoonee…God is unborn…. God does not relate to birth and death…. God is beyond the cycles of life…. God is infinite… I am infinite. Saibhang …God is self illumined… I am self illumined. Within me I have the power to find light, to find love, to find joy. I don’t need anyone or anything for this. Guru is by Guru’s Grace…. it is the Grace of the teachings of the Divine One…. the Guru…. Guru Nanak…Jesus, Mohammed, the Masters of all traditions that give us Grace. Jap…Meditate! Aad Sach …True in the Beginning. Jugaad Sach …True throughout the ages. Haibhee Sach …True here and now Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach Oh Nanak…Forever and always true. Spirit, Truth, Love, and Light…. these are the things that are true, that have always been true. This is the Mul Mantra

I highly recommend for those who want to know more about Vegetarianism her course:
“Iniciações ao Vegetarianismo”.

You can subscribe to her various workshops on Um curso em sabores.

I would like to close this article with a citation which is inspiring her life:
“Quando colocamos tos o nosso Amor naquilo que fazemos, estamos a transmitir aos outros a nossa verdadeira essência.” // “When we are putting all our love we have in what we do, we convey to others our true essence.”

How true…..♥

Muito obrigada Isaura!