Herdade do Freixo do Meio

Last sunday, thanks to Uwe Heitkamp from Eco123Alfredo Cunhal Sendim warmly welcomed me during it´s “Encontro da Espiga” day at his beautiful Bio Quinta: “Herdade do Freixo do Meio” in Alentejo.
Have a look to some of the special moments I catched with my camera.

A very special project and such a good ambiance with the unique chance for everyone to see how an autonomous organic Farm could function successfully.
Yes it´s possible to live more in harmony with our Mother Earth and I believe that this kind of very courageous projects will be our future here in Portugal and Europe.

Herade do Freixo do Meio has chosen the ancestral Agro-ecosystem of Montado, enriched and illuminated by the current views of Agroecology (Organic, biodynamic and natural agriculture in all areas and processes), Permaculture, and Food Sovereignty, as a way to approach the present and to build the future.

They believe, as I do, that food establishes a “sacred” relationship between Man and Mother Earth. Therefore the way how we treat an animal or vegetable being during the production and transformation process, influences directly the quality of our food and so our life.

The aliments which are grown at Herdade de Freixo Meio are free from agrochemicals, biocides, antibiotics, chemical synthesis and transgenics (GMO).

Essential to keep our Mother Earth and us alive and healthy !


After this day I did not hesitate one second and brought a big shopping bag full of delicious vegetables and wines from Herdade do Freixo de Meio for my next vegan diner at home;-)

If you also feel inspired you can order their products via Internet or go directly to their Bio Loja at Mercado da Ribeira here in Lisbon;-)

Please fell free to send me links of other beautiful projects of this kind in Portugal.
Thank you !