• The chicken is in the kitchen

    Magical veg tour 2015
    Chapter II

    Mobile vegan cuisine in the “poulailler” (henhouse) of Jardins de Valmer, Loirevalley, France.
    Vol au vent des poules d’ or qui adorent la fricassée de champignons et de soja fumé.
    All recipes are organic, cruelty-free and in an intuitive cooking style. 

  • Jivamukti … Nichts als Anfang


    As a fan of Jivamukti Yoga Berlin, and some freestyle trials as you can see in Paris, I am so happy that I discovered finally a great teacher in Lisbon.

  • Melon sans frontières

    Magical veg tour 2015
    Chapter VI

    Mobile vegan cuisine in the melon fields of Xavier Chiari, Producteur de melon Bio à Pauilhac, Lectoure, France.
    Melon sans frontières au curry rouge avec son riz noir. Panna Cotta vegane avec son coulis de melon épicé.
    All recipes are organic, cruelty-free and in an intuitive cooking style. 

  • Alice in Vvonderland

    Alice in Vvonderland !

    The paradise of vegan wonders in Lisbon is called The Food TempleIt is not only a restaurant – it is a travel into the senses –  it is a lifestyle and over all a community!

    I had the chance to go backstage to document just for you the beautiful ambiance around Alice´s kitchen and her great team.
    She has generously offered the recipe of her incredible Red berry and chocolate raw cheesecake to this article!

  • 10 Milliarden and more

    Valentin Thurn brought out 10 MILLIARDEN after TASTE THE WASTE.
    The question is: how long can we go on this ruthless way and how will we feed in the future the earth population?
    Valentin Thurn met personalities presenting us their alternative projects and also industry representatives.
    This film shows us a global view on the whole thematic, which is very complex.
    Here you can find all the protagonists and projects of the film in a Pdf (only GER).

    Ein Statement über die Auswirkungen des erhöhten Fleischkonsums von Valentin Thurn !

    More links of films about food industry criticism- but please be prepared this is not for the faint- hearted !

  • Liberty of seeds

    That is why I March against Monsanto, Bayer & Co !

    Hereafter you ll find different worldwide projects and personalities around the preservation of ancient crops and seeds! Preserving ancient seeds, guarding them like a treasure is essential.


    I discovered Seed Freedom through the amazing film 10 Milliarden.

    We care for Life – The Power in Caring: A message from Dr Vandana Shiva.
    “Seed Sovereignty cannot be achieved through the efforts of just one individual. It takes the hands of many people, farmers and non-farmers alike, to protect our seeds from the corporate giants, robbing our farmers of their work, knowledge and subsistence.”



    In Germany Kultursaat e.V., Saat Gut e.V., Gentechnikfreie Saat, Bingenheimer Saatgut, Bantam.
    In Austria Arche-Noah.
    In Portugal  SOS save our seeds.
    In France Kokopelli Semences.
    Alix de Saint-Venant of Jardins de Valmer
    collects ancient vegetable seeds of the Loire Valley.


    In the US Seedsavers.