Vale de Moses Retreat

My Welcome raw sugar-free / gluten-free Carrot-Cashewcream bars, I invented at the wonderful Vale de Moses as a Retreat Chef. It was such a beautiful & inspiring experience to be with you all this summer in the middle of the car-free forest, waking up with the birds, these sweet welcoming puppies and the trickle of the streamlet. Hereafter some guest impressions & reviews.

Thousand thanks for this wonderful reviews on TripAdvisor´s Vale de Moses page !
Makes me so happy …
and the most beautiful compliment I could get was that I inspired you to try more vegetarian meals.

Hurray !

“Inspiring week in a truly special place
I honestly cannot say enough nice things about Vale de Moses. I was lucky enough to be there at the same time as the fabulous Yuki, queen of vegan food. It’s probably quite rare to put on weight at a yoga retreat but I somehow managed it! If you’re going there, be aware of what it’s not. It’s not a luxury resort. It’s a group of dedicated and incredibly inspirational people who have carved out a beautiful little world for themselves in the Portuguese mountains, which they are kind enough to share with others. Accommodation is not luxurious but it is clean and very, very comfortable, the food is amazing and yoga classes are the best I’ve had in almost 15 years of practice. The whole experience was like a warm bath for the soul. Big thanks and hugs to all there, especially puppies and pigs Xx”

Like a big warm hug
Vale de Moses is a beautiful place, the yoga classes are the best I have ever experienced and the food is delicious every day. But what makes this place extra special is the wonderfully warm and open people who work so hard to make the retreat welcoming for people like me in need of some distance from everyday troubles. A special thanks to Andrew, Fleur, Ollie, Ansuya, Peter and Yuki for your kindness, good humour and excellent conversation. I was so sad to leave you all that I am already making plans to return next year! “

I left my heart in Vale de Moses
but Andrew has kindly offered to send it back. I joke but, he would because it is the countless acts of kindness that makes Vale de Moses so utterly special. Every yoga session was an act of giving and kindness; every discussion before a treatment made it a personalised act of kindness; each treatment itself was an act of kindness directed purely to me; every astounding meal had kindness as it’s key ingredient. And each time the bed was made there was a little personal touch that went beyond the requirements of hospitality. Care, compassion and kindness flows through that beautiful valley. Hold onto my heart Andrew as I know it will be looked after well. And I would say to anyone and everyone, take your heart to the Vale de Moses at least once in your life. Thank you to everyone in
that very special place.”

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