• Vegan Summer Cooking School Lisboa

    Herafter you ll find upcoming dates of our classic cooking class diner “God save the bacalhau” at Vegan Cooking School Lisboa *for Lisboetas & Vegans Lost in Lisbon… You will learn how to prepare a typical Portuguese menu 100 % plant-based. Yes it´s possible ! 🙂 Join for this unique experience !

  • Aquafaba Guide

    My dear fans & followers. Thanks for joining & supporting me during my showcooking for Celeiro at Veggieworld Portugal. As promised herafter my new recipe invention: Raspberry Aquafaba Mousse with white chocolate.  I also prepared for you a little starter kit to get into the wonderful world of Aquafaba (chickpea-water). You will see it´s so fun and so yummy and 100 % plant-based. Enjoy !

  • Vida Celeiro

    During my workshop at Celeiro this morning I discovered that the new magazine #revistavidaceleiro is already published. With yummy sugarfree “Let the color in” recipes I developed for a happy & healthy spring in #mezze style…. You can find the revista also in Pdf on their website. Muito bom !

  • Showcooking Celeiro

    Let the color in ! You wanna learn how to eat a rainbow full of vitamins ? So don´t miss: My series of colorful vegan showcooking thematics that I especially developed for Celeiro will be continued in 2018. Hereafter you will find all details:-)

  • Veganario Fest

    Come to see the SMALLEST VEGAN ART CAFE IN LISBOA:  “Bolateria da Yuki !” – on tour – Join my colorful vegan minicafe with bolos artesanais veganas deliciosos. Veganario Fest Saturday 14 october 2017: 11h-23h – Sunday 15 october 2017: 11h-20h Regueirão dos Anjos 70, 1150-030 Lisboa