The Real You

On the permanent research of My real I and Your real YOU, one thing not to miss was the Lisbon Yogafestival at the Jazzy Dance Studios this November.
Thanks to João Silva, the organizer of Festival Zen & Lisbon Yoga Festival I had the chance to zoom in with my camera and document a yoga session of Karo Tak – the only Jivamukti Teacher in Portugal.
Come to join her class every Monday & Wednesday at 19h30 in the Mantra Yoga Lounge here in Lisbon.

Just so beautiful for your soul !

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Die Hände der Tafel

Wie können wir die weltweite Lebensmittelverschwendung bremsen?

In Deutschland gibt es Lebensmittel im Überfluss – und dennoch herrscht bei vielen Menschen Mangel. Die Tafeln bemühen sich um einen Ausgleich: Sie sammeln „überschüssige“, aber qualitativ einwandfreie Lebensmittel, und geben diese an Bedürftige weiter. 

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Save the waste

There are FOODSHARING projects popping up all over the world to reduce the enormous waste of food. I would like to present you some of them…

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Say yes to vegan cheese

Yes you can produce your own vegan cheese !
Here I have put together some links for you !

But first I wanna talk about this very special vegan cheese making workshop I just participated in at The Food Temple in Lisbon:

Karo Tak and Miguel Nomada took us on a tour through some amazing vegan cheeses and show us how to make them ourselves !

More information you ll find HERE.

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Welcome to All You Need Is Veg !

Welcome to everybody out there!
Welcome to All You Need Is Veg!*

You wanna join me on my odyssey towards a healthier VEG-life guided by compassion and love towards all beings? It is so easy! In our consumer society you can provoke huge changes just by applying one rule: DO NOT LIKE IT – DO NOT BUY IT !

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