Retreat Chef

In yogic philosophy, the mind is formed from the sublets portion or essence of food. Food is the material with which we built our body and mind.

The ethical & energetically quality and the positive effects of pure, plant-based, wholesome food, prepared with love and sincerity are directly connected to our inner and outer health and well-being.

Our daily food choices are having a direct impact on ourselves but also on all the other beings on this earth, our environment and our future. Food is connected to our home, our childhood and – our mother, which makes it so difficult to change our proper eating habits. I believe that we need to adapt our food traditions to our modern society and the present world we are living in. Through pure plant-based ingredients and careful preparation we can enhance the food quality to nourish our life in a fantastic way, reduce our ecological footprint and become a happier person.

For retreats I am working with, I design light, energetic, equilibrated meals high in prana adapted to yoga practise, mediation and creative process.

Happy & Healthy Cuisine
Mediterranean – Asian crossover with influences from Macrobiotic & Ayurveda & Gourmet Raw Cuisines.
100 % plant-based 100% delicious.

For any personalized request please feel free to contact me.

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