Private Chef

Um chef em casa? É para já !


Allyouneedisveg is proposing personal chef services for corporates and privates.
We offer chef services and key in hand packages.

  • You are a photo studio or production company and would like to have a personal chef on-site during your shootings for your crew…?
  • You would like to integrate in your office a plant-based chef once a week preparing a healthy and sustainable lunch for your employers…?
  • Are you looking for a private holiday chef to take care of your meals during your stay in Lisbon-Cascais-Sintra area?
  • You are a private and would like to organise a lunch or diner event to celebrate a special occasion, birthday or get-together with friends & family at your home …?

Whether you are looking for the best Portuguese dishes in plant-based version
or for cuisines from around the world,
feel free to write us and we will design you a personalised menu.