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Welcome to current cooking classes and events at Lisbon AllyouneedisVeg Food Lab.
100 % vegan 100% delicous

The thematic until summer will be Asian Bowls and all year round my standard classes “God Save the Bacalhau”.

Why Asian Bowls?
Until now you cannot really find tasty asian food in a vegan version in Lisbon. So I thought it could be interesting to transmit to asian food lovers what I learned in Bangkok and through my experiences as a plant-based Chef in retreats. 
One of my favourite classes will be my Thai Green Curry Bowl Class where you can learn homemade curry paste from scratch and my Korean Buddha Bowl Class, where I teach you different versions of fermented Kimchi.

“God save the Bacalhau” is more than a cooking class to me.
It is part of my ambition to bring happy food into the heart of the Portuguese society. I understand totally how tradition function. Food is connected to our home, our childhood our mother, but I believe that we need to adapt our traditions and habits to our modern society. The energetic quality of food is directly connected to our health and wellbeing. Our daily food choices are having also a huge impact on other beings on this earth, our environment and our future. My goal is to bring more happiness and diversity into food and make discover Portuguese and Foreigners, that traditional Cuisine is possible in a delicious plant-based version. In the heart of the Mouraria, one of the most ancient bairros of Lisbon, you can learn how to prepare Petiscos, Vegalhau a bras, Caldeirada and of course the famous Pastel de nata – my “Pasteis de Anjos”.
For tailored group diner experiences please feel free to contact me.
I am constantly veganizing traditional foods at my Food Lab,
so if you have an idea about a next dish to work on, please let me know ! 
See you soon 🙂

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