Into the wild

Autumn time is mushrooming and foraging time !
I went out for mushroom hunting in the woods of Sintra and what did I discover?
The strawberry tree with an amazing aromatic wild fruit. Mmmmh Yummee !

The fruits of Arbutus unedo are used to make jams, beverages, and liqueurs (such as the Portuguese medronho, a type of strong brandy). Many regions of Albania prepare the traditional drink raki from the fruits of the plant (mare or kocimare in Albanian), hence comes the name of the drink “raki kocimareje”. In order to reduce the high content of methanol in the drink, the spirit is distilled twice. 



One of the most famous forager in the world is Green Deane: Eattheweeds.

During October I will add here more wild vegetable eatables …

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The beautiful bible of mushrooms which are growing in Parques de Sintra…;-)



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