• Golden Milk, Golden Cha, Golden Paste

    Golden Milk

    Isaura Faria made me discover in her workshop the classic Ayurvedic beverage β€œGolden Milk” and I was curious and tried out some variations of it. Hereafter i will explain how to fabricate a homemade Turmeric-based paste: the Golden Paste and the Golden Milk recipe. I invented for you also some amazing drinks: The Iced Golden Milk, the Golden Mango Lassi the Golden Masala Chai and the Golden Apple Punch for cosy autumn days. Enjoy !

  • Into the wild

    Autumn time is mushrooming and foraging time ! I went out for mushroom hunting in the woods of Sintra and what did I discover? The strawberry tree with an amazing aromatic wild fruit. Mmmmh Yummee !

  • Power Beetroot Smoothie

    Vegan smoothies are super powerful and very easy to prepare. Just put everything in a good mixer. Mix it – enjoy it ! Ready to start a new healthy day! 1 tablespoon of linseeds covers our daily needs of omega-3 fatty acids.