Power Beetroot Smoothie

Vegan smoothies are super powerful and very easy to prepare.
Just put everything in a good mixer.
Mix it – enjoy it !
Ready to start a new healthy day!

1 tablespoon of linseeds covers our daily needs of omega-3 fatty acids.

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Melon sans frontières

Magical veg tour 2015
Chapter VI

Mobile vegan cuisine in the melon fields of Xavier Chiari, Producteur de melon Bio à Pauilhac, Lectoure, France.
Melon sans frontières au curry rouge avec son riz noir. Panna Cotta vegane avec son coulis de melon épicé.
All recipes are organic, cruelty-free and in an intuitive cooking style. 

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Alice in Vvonderland

Alice in Vvonderland !

The paradise of vegan wonders in Lisbon is called The Food TempleIt is not only a restaurant – it is a travel into the senses –  it is a lifestyle and over all a community!

I had the chance to go backstage to document just for you the beautiful ambiance around Alice´s kitchen and her great team.
She has generously offered the recipe of her incredible Red berry and chocolate raw cheesecake to this article!

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Vegan crêpes to go

Mobile vegan cuisine at A Loja, Sao Cristovao, Mouraria, Lisbonne, Portugal.

Magical veg tour 2015
Edition Prod. No. 1
Scene Vegan crêpes to go 
Date 12. July 2015
Cook Yukijung

Thanks to Gabrielle de Saint-Venant owner of A Loja, Celeste and locals of a Mouraria
Photos Gabrielle de Saint-Venant

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