Less is more

ECO123 – Summer edition #18 : How do we want to live?

My article: “LESS IS MORE”
Packaging-free vegan summer menu for yoghurt lovers…

Menu de verão vegano e sem desperdício de embalagens para amantes de iogurte. Neste menu de verão vegano, tive especial atenção no uso de ingredientes que se podem comprar em embalagens retornáveis. O objetivo é transmitir ideias que, a longo prazo, nos possibilitem evitar lixo. O ingrediente principal é iogurte vegetal feito em casa. 

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Your happiness is my happiness

I recently traveled from Lisbon with the coastal railway down to Cascais to explore a little vegetarian paradise in the center of Cascais: Cafe Galeria House of Wonders. 
Entering this lovely place, the smell of freshly baked cakes and welcoming atmosphere warms up every heart. You can have a lunch at the restaurant, visit the gallery with its selected handcrafts or stay at the cafe with its beautiful roof top contemplating the view on the bay. 
Anna, the owner offers us for this article one of her recipes: Vegetarian lentils stew with baby pumpkin and brussels sprouts.

Just wonderful !

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Into the wild

Autumn time is mushrooming and foraging time !
I went out for mushroom hunting in the woods of Sintra and what did I discover?
The strawberry tree with an amazing aromatic wild fruit. Mmmmh Yummee !

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