Into the wild

Autumn time is mushrooming and foraging time !
I went out for mushroom hunting in the woods of Sintra and what did I discover?
The strawberry tree with an amazing aromatic wild fruit. Mmmmh Yummee !

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Get active for animal rights

Lokāh Samastāh Sukhino Bhavantu

Eating animals seems more and more like a middle age thing to me. How we behave towards other beings has something to do with respect, love and compassion. The way we treat animals in the industries and also humans in consequence is reflecting perfectly the way we respect ourselves, the earth and the universe.

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Vegan crêpes to go

Mobile vegan cuisine at A Loja, Sao Cristovao, Mouraria, Lisbonne, Portugal.

Magical veg tour 2015
Edition Prod. No. 1
Scene Vegan crêpes to go 
Date 12. July 2015
Cook Yukijung

Thanks to Gabrielle de Saint-Venant owner of A Loja, Celeste and locals of a Mouraria
Photos Gabrielle de Saint-Venant

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