• Yogi Kimchi

    Fermented foods are one of the big topics at the moment. During my work at the yoga retreats, I developed this soft kimchi version for Yogi´s, inpired from temple food Chef Wookwan´s cucumber white kimchi. Enjoy !

  • Natural Food Colours Guide

    Color your life with natural food colors… You eat with your eyes first ! As a vegan cook and baker I love to use and play with natural and organic colors in the composition of my recipes ! Especially in a Veg Cuisine the visual aspect and composition of a dish influences us in the way how we enjoy a fresh tasting food and makes it even more delicious. In this post we learn how to produce our own organic food colors without any chemicals (of course) ! Enjoy and please send me your suggestions and recipes !

  • The Guardian Travel

    Check out this new article about Dr Nerina Ramlakhan sleepforlife retreat at beautiful Vale de Moses part of VeggieHotels in the middle of the magic portuguese nature. Thanks KateEdgley from The Guardian mentioning me and my services as a retreatchef. Was a honor for me to share this special moment with you all.

  • Vegan Interviews

    Super happy about being choosen among other amazing Vegan personalities & souls by this beautiful platform based in New Zealand for an interview about veganism and my path as a Plant-based Retreat Chef & Nutritionist. Feel honored ! Thank you so much !

  • Detox-Diet

    CLEAN yourself from inside. My New Year always starts with a week of detox to clean old metabolic waste. An alkaline cleanse involves consuming raw, fresh vegetables, green juices and smoothies, alkaline soups for a period of between 3 and 10 days or more.