10 Myths about the industries

I am analyzing currently 10 Myths about the industries concerning livestock farming, which until some years ago I ignored myself and really want to clarify for everyone out-there…

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Showcooking Celeiro

Let the color in !

You wanna learn how to eat a rainbow full of vitamins ?

So don´t miss:

My series of colorful vegan showcooking thematics that I especially developed for Celeiro will be continued in 2018.🙏

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V-Maki Fleuri

Atelier V-Maki Fleuri Temptation…

Let´s get creative, colorful and flowerful with fresh vegan rice rolls combinations and crazy dippings…Eat flowers & be happy !

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Once upon a time in the V-West…

Another Photostory for vegan Foodlovers. 
Once upon a V-Time after repairing their farm tractor, two Vow-Girls are preparing beautiful grill skewers
in a lonely house, lost in the middle of Southwest France, somewhere around Lectoure…  

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Bolateria da Yuki

“Bolateria da Yuki !” on tour

Come und join my colorful vegan minicafe:
Veganario Fest Saturday 14 october 2017: 11h-23h – Sunday 15 october 2017: 11h-20h
Regueirão dos Anjos 70, 1150-030 Lisboa

#an art culinary “Allyouneedisveg” project with Bolos artesanais veganas deliciosos.

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Vegan Backpacking Snacks

My new recipes for Eco123 Magazine #19 are available now at FNAC Lisboa….

Energy-packed snacks for vegan backpacking !

Just right in time for the hiking and pilgrims season:
Kurkuma-Seed-Crackers with Cheesy Almondcream, Smoky Hot Tomatoes-Cream, Oh Mar Olives Tapenade. Also learn how to prepare energybars for your next trip in the mountains: Powernutsbars, Crunchymueslibars, Classic Banana-Granolabar …

Vegan Menu, Recipes, Photos & Story by Allyouneedisveg.de

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Vegan Lisbon

Have a look to my new article in the new Veganmagazin edition: 
Vegan City Report Lisbon  … wie wärs mit einem schönen veganen Wochenende in Lissabon?

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Less is more

ECO123 – Summer edition #18 : How do we want to live?

My article: “LESS IS MORE”
Packaging-free vegan summer menu for yoghurt lovers…

Menu de verão vegano e sem desperdício de embalagens para amantes de iogurte. Neste menu de verão vegano, tive especial atenção no uso de ingredientes que se podem comprar em embalagens retornáveis. O objetivo é transmitir ideias que, a longo prazo, nos possibilitem evitar lixo. O ingrediente principal é iogurte vegetal feito em casa. 

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Ratha Yatra Lisboa 2017

It was a honor for me to have the chance to be welcomed with my camera in the middle of the vibrant energy of Ratha Yatra Lisboa / Hare Krishna parade Lisbon last sunday. Such positive event full of joy & love ….Thanks to all ! Peace  …and as peace starts in the kitchen…thanks for the great vegan food offered by the Comunidade Hindu de Portugal Tempel !

Hereafter you can view my photo reportage…

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Think Pink

Have a look to my new article for ECO123 – print spring 2017 edition:


Começar a Primavera com pratos saudáveis e vegan. 
Head for a healthy, vegan, culinary spring with lots of colour. 
Farbenfroh in den gesunden, kulinarischen und veganen Frühling. 

Vegan Menu, Recipes, Photos & Story by Allyouneedisveg.de

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Herdade do Freixo do Meio

Last sunday, thanks to Uwe Heitkamp from Eco123Alfredo Cunhal Sendim warmly welcomed me during it´s “Encontro da Espiga” day at his beautiful Bio Quinta: “Herdade do Freixo do Meio” in Alentejo.

A very special project and such a good ambiance with the unique chance for everyone to see how an autonomous organic Farm could function successfully.
Yes it´s possible to live more in harmony with our Mother Earth and I believe that this kind of very courageous projects will be our future here in Portugal and Europe.

Have a look to some of the special moments I catched with my camera.

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